"name": "ethan",

"occupation": "software engineer",

"likes": ["snowboarding", "tacos"],


My Work

Co-Creator of a NLP application
Software engineer, Microsoft


  • Architect of the Full Application Suite (iOS, Android) & Responsive Website Infrastructure

  • Expertise in Flutter, Flask, and MongoDB

  • Implemented Robust Security Protocols for Safeguarding Sensitive Linguistic Data

  • Pioneered Advanced Sentiment Analysis Algorithms for Enhanced User Experience

  • Contributed to Open Source NLP Projects, Demonstrating Commitment to Knowledge Sharing

  • Contributed to web-based applications, services, or platforms using technologies like ASP.NET, TypeScript, JavaScript, etc.

  • Developed applications, tools & software products using languages like C++, C#, Python

  • Immersed in Coding Challenges at CipherCraft

  • Navigated Development Projects at PulsePoint Startups

  • Contributed to Various Tech Ventures

3 different SWE internships

About Me

I'm a passionate and versatile software engineer with proficiency in a diverse range of technologies, including C++, C#, Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, and ASP.NET. My journey in the tech world has been marked by innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence


One of my significant achievements includes co-creating an NLP application, where I not only implemented cutting-edge features but also prioritized robust security protocols to ensure user data integrity. This experience reflects my dedication to delivering solutions that not only push technological boundaries but also prioritize user trust and data privacy.

Beyond my core projects, I actively contribute to open-source initiatives, firmly believing in the power of knowledge sharing and collaborative development. It's my way of giving back to the tech community and staying engaged with the latest industry trends.

Suffering from skill issues

React / Next Node Flask / Django

Wanna talk?

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